5 Minute Hairstyles with John Frieda


When you’re a working girl (not Pretty Woman style, let me state) it can be pretty damn tiring waking up early every morning and spending a lot of time on your hair. Sometimes you just want that extra lie in or a chance to scroll Twitter and then get up and go. If you want that effortlessly chic look without looking like you slept through your alarm there are quite a few hairstyles that take mere minutes to do and are really easy to achieve.

Low Bun

This is the less primmed to perfection version of the top knot which was everywhere last year with those bun rings.  This hairstyle can be done in so many ways that you can tailor to your own individual style. The low bun is super easy to achieve. All you have to do is tie your hair in a low side ponytail, twist the hair and wrap it around the base of your pony, securing it with your a bobby pin (if you can find one, mine always seem to disappear) and finish with some hairspray to make sure it stays in place and keeps your hair looking sleek all day long.

Messy Ponytail

Also known as the “lazy gal” ponytail as it looks better on hair that is a couple of days old.  Spray with texturising spray, pull hair back off your face and gather into a ponytail at whatever height you like (I prefer mid height to avoid the Vicky Pollard comparisons!) this hairstyle is so versatile and it looks great with so many different outfits and can be styled up with hair accessories or a headband to get a more unique look. Why not even attempt the two-ponytail trick which will give your hair much more bounce and texture.

Side Braid

Sides braids remind me of mermaid hair and look best a little undone for extra “I woke up like this” so loose stray hairs to frame the face add to this (even better if they’re wavey!). The Waterfall Braid is another quick and easy hairstyle for those busy mornings when you still want your hair to look amazing. You can even braid the side sections of your hair and pin them in place to give yourself a braided crown.

Beach Waves

This is a great look that’s not just for the beach. Beach waves have a lovely boho vibe and add a lot of texture to your hair. I’ve been going for the boho vibe recently by leaving my hair to dry naturally and adding sea salt spray and then letting my hair air dry or let the wind do the rest of the work. If your hair is naturally straight you can plait your hair and sleep in them over night OR plait dry hair and  go over it with your straighteners to add some natural looking waves to your locks. Take a look at Lily Melrose’s YouTube video to achieve this look.

What do you think of these quick and easy 5 minute hairstyles?

What are your top tips that you stick to when you’re running late for work?

*in collaboration with John Frieda