#bblogers Xmas Meet Up

On Saturday I packed up my  my lipstick, a brolly and a trusty chunky snood, said goodbye to Stoke on Trent, and travelled down to London to attend the @bbloggersxmas party event hosted by the absolutely gorgeously glam Lola and Victoria.

I met up with some lovely bloggers at Euston Station beforehand – including the lovely Kat who was our London tour guide for the day.

The event was held in Canary Wharf and featured brands such as Bad Apple, Diva, Twisted Sista, Bronze Ambition, Slendertone and Aromatherapy Associates aswell as being attended by a whole host of beautiful beauty bloggers.


The day itself was fantastic – there were over 60 beauty bloggers glossed and primped to perfection and it was so good to be able to put faces to names (albeit it, Twitter names..there was a lot of “oooh I think that might be *insert @ name here“). It was also so great to meet new bloggers and discover some lovely blogs to add to my reading list.

We were absolutely spoiled rotten at the event, yummy snacks (I think everyone who attended may have put on a good stone after eating those cake pops – to. die. for), hand massages, nail painting, hair styling… I could go on forever baby.

There was a beauty quiz – which I came runner up on (is it lame that my University Challenge specialist subject could be beauty? Uhm…)


my beaut of a prize


 The day was topped off by the most amazing goody bag I have ever seen, it was like a Mary Poppins handbag of beauty products, my train journey home was spent ooh-ing, aah-ing and salivating over item after item I pulled out – suffice to say I’ll be reviewing those products for the rest of my days.

I had the most amazing day meeting all the ladies who attended, especially my tube buddies Kat, Gemma (and Mr Button!), Charlotte, Hannah, Angelica and Joelle. If you were there and I didn’t get to speak to you hopefully I’ll get to see you soon!

Thank you to Lola and Victoria for such an amazing day and props to Lola for managing to make it through the day in such fabulous but high heels without crying.