Bargain Primark Studded Heel Boots

When the autumn weather hit, I made the annual trip to town to stock up on all of the winter essentials: coat, scarf, umbrella, gloves, hat and boots.

On this mini haul I picked up 2 pairs of boots from Primark. The first were a mid heel, tan coloured ankle boot and the second were THOSE mid heel, black “suede” ankle boots where the heel of the boot was covered entirely in studs.   And I freaking love them. I’ve worn these trusty little studded boots day in, day out ever since and they’re now receiving some TLC in the cobblers being re-heeled and re-soled (because I love them so much).  AT THE TIME, they also had a stone coloured pair of the studded heel boots. I uhm’d and ahh’d and eventually realised decided that I couldn’t justify buying them as well.

primarkspikedheelboots primarkspikedheelboots2



AND THEN last week, when I was on the hunt for some snow friendly boots  here they were: the stone coloured studded heels, perched on the sale shelf.  One pair.  One size.  MY SIZE.   With a £10 tag on I figured it was a decent enough bargain and toodled off to the checkout along with a bargain £2.00 purse.

“£5.00” said the sales assistant.
“FOR BOTH?” I asked open mouthed, resembling a common goldfish
“Yep, the purse is £2.00, the boots are £3.00”


And so I paid, clutched my £3.00 bargain boots to me and made my way home looking and feeling very smug. The end.

  • Wow Amazing! £3…… so jealous right now

    • Charlotte

      It was only last week, check to see if the have any in yours! x

  • Amy

    Wow bargain they are really nice as well :)

    • Charlotte

      usually in Primark the shoes for that price are usually the most backward looking shoes in the world! So I was pretty happy x

  • sophie

    Wow what bargains! I have the boots in black and love them so comfy.
    lovely meeting you at the meet up shame I didn’t really get to speak to you hope to see you at a meet up soon, now following you.

  • OMG !!! sooooo beautiful ♥♥♥ I need . Besos

  • Gorgeous & a complete bargain. x