Avon Ideal Luminous Blusher

Being a beauty blogger/obsessed with make up, it’s very rare that I will discover anything or be recommended a product by friends and family. I’m very much “in the know” when it comes to someone needing advice or a recommendation. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to get a text from a friend along the lines of “I need a blusher, around £6.00 – GO!” or “I’min Selfridges, I want a nice nude MAC lipstick – give me a name!”

If you read my recent post on my current favourite blushers, you’ll know that it’s not often that I get excited about a blusher – never infact. I discovered this Avon Ideal Luminous blusher when I was having a nose through my aunties make up bag (would you believe it?) – it was love at first sight, I’m not even going to lie.
This shade of blush is one that I would never have picked out for myself as I always gravitate towards a pinky peach blush and this is more of a deeper hue. I’ve found this is perfect for the more muted palette that I tend to use in the autumn/winter months paired with a berry lip and a slightly smokey eye.
The Luminous Blush from Avon are super pigmented so are best applied with a light hand but they give the skin such a beautiful and healthy glow without looking chalky or powdery.

I also picked this up in the shade Russett which I love equally as much.

DING DONG – Avon come up trumps again.