Autumn Goodbye: Lip Colours for Autumn

I’ve been searching for my ultimate “fall lip” since the first leaf fell and have therefore bought many a berry toned lipstick in the quest to get one that was “just right” – I’m like the Goldi-fricking-locks of lipsticks.

I’ve found there are 3 products that have made it into my “on the go” makeup bag that goes everywhere with me, so if I’m not just wearing a clear balm then I’ll most likely be wearing one of these (my current lust have for keeping my lips soft and lipstick ready is the Carmex tub).

So without further a do, my fall 3 are…

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Crush – first off I’ll say that this baby has some staying power. I can quite literally apply in the mornings and it’ll last through a day of office biscuits and numerous cups of tea. It does lose its “balmy” feel after a couple of hours so you may want to apply something like the Carmex balm as previous mentioned to keep that dry lips feeling at bay, but colourwise you’re good to go.

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107 – when you look at this lipstick in the bullet it looks like red wine stained lip perfection. It’s also part of the Rimmel “matte” range so I was expecting it to apply like MAC’s Chili.. alas not. Somehow, despite this lipsticks not delivering at all what I thought it would, I still kind of love it. It applies much more of a raspberry shade than it looks in the tube, so its not quite as dark as I would have liked but its a much more subtle alternative to a berry lip. The texture of this lipstick isn’t matte at all in comparison to matte lipsticks that I’ve used previously, this applies with a satin finish.

Rimmel London Colour Show Off “Stare at Me” – this is my most recent “fall lip” purchase and I think my search is over. This is the perfect mix between being a real crushed berry shade (like the Revlon Just Bitten) and a super dark/vampy lip. It has a really distinct, old school lipstick smell that some people might hate but I love purely because it reminds me of when I was younger and my mum used to let me wear her Rimmel “Heather Shimmer” lipstick. Memories and all that.

  • Catherine,

    I want to try the Rommel one, it sounds like its just what I’m after! xo

    • Charlotte

      It’s so gorgeous! I don’t know if they sell it in the proper collection as I picked it up as a cheapy but its so gorgeous x