Autumn Florence & Fred Outfit

I love fall. I love everything about it (except the rain), I like darker evenings and coming home and cuddling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, I love seeing the leaves change colours from lush green to rusty hues and walking through the mounds of amber kicking them up like I’m young again… and most of all I love fall fashion.

Layers, rich colours, wool, boots, tights, scarves – these are a few of my favourite things.

Whilst shopping recently I felt a flurry of excitement when I saw hangers of jumpers, comfy cosy looking jeans, plaid shorts, boyfriend cardigans… all of which would look perfect teamed with some bazillion denier tights. I could almost smell the leaves and feel the crisp bite of the cold and all of my favourite upcoming “fall celebrations” ran through my head. Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas… OH MY.

I wanted to run through a couple of my “go to” fall looks, but thought I would stay true to my roots. I could come on here and be like “this dress from Topshop” and “these jeans from Zara” – but truth is, I don’t shop in those places. I’ve always been about trying to find pieces that I love at affordable prices – I’d much rather buy 3 items from New Look for £60 than buy one top from somewhere else for £60… especially if you can get a virtually identical top from another store at a fraction of the price.

One place where I was very pleasantly surprised recently by their new fall stock was Tesco. I’ll always take a cheeky trip down the clothing aisle at Tesco and I feel like they have some real gems in their clothing line which deserve recognition so I thought I’d put together a little outfit I have my eye on come payday…


Tan Chelsea Boots – £15.00

Dog Tooth Patterned Shorts – £14.00

Limited Edition Studded Shirt – £18.00

Structured Satchel – £12.50

Opaque 60 Denier Tights – £6.00