FASHION || ASOS Curve – The Best of 6

It’s almost time for Plus North, and yet again I find myself on the hunt for the perfect outfit.  I have some money in my ASOS account and have therefore taken to their Curve section to hunt for a dress.  And I’m undecided on which dress is the perfect dress.

I don’t make things easy for myself.  I’m not undecided between one or two dresses, that would be too simple.

I’m undecided between 6 dresses.  Yep, 6.




1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

 As you can see, I very much have a “theme” going when it comes to these dresses.  Bold and prints appear to be on my hitlist and I can’t for love nor chocolate make a decision.

I’m hoping that once I’ve put my choices “out there” it’ll prompt me to make a decision or at least rule out 1 or 2 as dodgy pick.  Can I phone a friend or ask the audience? Where’s Chris Tarrant when you need him?

Help me spend money guys – WHICH SHOULD I BUY?

  • Simon Bowers

    I’d go for 1 or 2. :-) I’m really not a plan of 3 or 5.

  • I’d wear either the first or the last dress.
    I like both their styles, you could always team dress 6 with a belt if you didn’t want it so floaty.

    Dress six has the best pattern (in my opinion) and 1 a close second. (Although I’d love it more if it was pink instead of red and purple instead of yellow xD haha) but both those dresses are winners in my book :)

  • I LOVE number 2 :)

  • I looove number 1. The fit looks amazing x

  • Laura

    1, 2 or 6! :)

  • 1 or 6 :) x

  • Jessica

    Wow! You have a tough choice ahead of you…but if I were to get one for myself, I’d probably go for #2. For the simple reason that I love the colour, and the subtlety of the pattern. :) But I am sure that whatever one you choose will be absolutely gorgeous on you.

  • sarah

    1 and 2 are my faves

  • Suke

    1 for sure