Anastasia DipBrow Pomade Dupe?

Eyebrows are big business in the cosmetics industry. With the rise of Cara Delevigne and her full and buxom brows, on fleek, on point and “brow game strong” becoming as everyday British phrases as “would you like a cup of tea“, it seems only right that the number of products available to preen ones eyebrows would expand.

From powders to pencils, your best known brands are all releasing brow kits to ensure your bulb is bushy, your tail is tapered and your arch is at its most fleek.

One of the most coveted products on the brow scene is the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade (Pomade: a waxy substance that is used to style hair). A long-lasting tinted creamy formula which offers a waterproof and smudgeproof answer for creating defined looking brows that won’t slide down your face if you’re caught in the rain or work up a sweat during sales shopping cardio.

At £15 the DipBrow Pomade is on the lower price point of high end products, it doesn’t exactly break the bank but when giving new products a test drive you don’t want to be throwing away money on something you can’t make work for you. Which is why so many of us are big lovers of a dupe.


Enter a brow release from budget beauty brand Freedom London. Their Pro Brow Pomade boasts the same longwearing performance of the DipBrow and it’s gel like formula is easily applied using an angled brush (I like the Nanshy Angled Liner Brush) for brows that wow. These pomades are available in eleven shades (ELEVEN! Bye bye light, medium and dark!) and I picked up the shade Auburn which is said to compliment strawberry blonde and auburn hair. The pigmentation is insane on these and it takes a little practise not to avoid looking like you applied your brows using a Sharpie, but once mastered it can be blended out for a more natural look.

I’d still potentially purchase the Anastasia Dipbrow for comparison reasons but at only £5 and for the results it delivers (with a light handed application!) I’m happy with keeping this in my make up bag for the time being.