An Evening in the Clink (78)

At the end of March I met up with “the girls” (Khila, Kim and Emma) to celebrate Makeup Revolution’s 3rd birthday party in London. Located at One Embankment, I readied myself for an evening of dancing and drinking… and previewing some of the new product launches of course! After braving the “last train home” for Makeup Revolution’s 2nd birthday the year before, I thoroughly learnt my lesson and decided that an overnighter would be best suited to ensure I wasn’t stranded in Euston after one too many Mai Tai’s.

Luckily, Clink 78 hostel stepped in and offered to put the four of us up for evening and meant we could dance the evening away and get philosophical over pizza until the early hours.

I know what you’re thinking… a hostel Charl? Seriously?! This was my third time at a hostel and I can concur that I left with all of my body parts and they’re not the horrendous dives that movies would have you believe.

Clink 78 has an intriguing past and originally began it’s life as a courthouse. As such, Clink makes use of the original features such as the courtrooms as TV and computer rooms and more quirky than that.. you can even set up camp in the old holding cells. There’s just enough room for a bunk bed and to swing your hips to your Spotify playlist but it makes an interest tale.

“Remember that time I slept in a CELL?”

If that’s not up your street, as well as the standard same sex or mixed dorms, there’s the option to pay a little extra for a private room complete with en suite shower and toilet facilities which I have to admit, came in a little handier after a night on the cocktails than the prospect of a shared bathroom.

Fear not though, the shared bathrooms aren’t as “student dorm” terrifying as you’d think, after staying at Clink a couple of years previously in one of the aforementioned Cells, I can concur that I felt more than comfortable showering the London smog away and spending a penny in the communal loos.

Like with most hostels, Clink 78 has communal areas for guests to wind down after a busy day or to party away the night. There are separate Internet/PC rooms and a TV room, a canteen style breakfast area (for the morning after the night before) where you can grab a few slices of toast, cereal, hot drinks or fruit juice to nurse your banging head and the Clash Bar which may just offer the cheapest drinks in the whole of London.

clinkHostels are an acquired taste to most, like Marmite or Balsamic Ice Cream but they’re a cheap and convenient base if you’re looking to travel on a budget or simply lay your head down for the evening. For the seasoned traveller who’s happy living out of a backpack and is more low maintenance than a pair of bloggers who need a million plug sockets (!!) Clink 78 is ideal, especially considering its a 5-10 minute walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras, has a bus stop directly outside the hostel and stocks a travel shop where you can get information on Oyster Cards, tube maps, bus timetables and theatre tickets!

They also do walking tours of London if you’re after a bit of a know how and are looking to make some buddies on the go.