Brunch Club | All Bar One, Chester

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then a mid morning brunch comes in a close second.

Being the kind of person that will easily forgo some soggy Weetabix and a coffee in favour of a few extra minutes in bed, an elevenses or brunch if you so please is the where you’ll find me. Up, dressed and ready to face the day… just a little later than those pesky early risers.  Although I do wish I had that kind of dedication to the day.

With a trip to picturesque Chester spoiled slightly by the appearance of rain (hello, UK in May) and desperation to get out of the blustery weather conditions, Terri, Tereza and I found shelter in the bright and welcoming cover of All Bar One.  AKA…. the mothership of brunches.

Despite partaking in an All Bar One cocktail menu several times (the fact that I can’t put my finger on the number of times may indicate how many cocktails were consumed), I’ve never actually sampled any of the food. With a hole in our bellies and a day of shopping on the cards, we did the unthinkable and ordered ourselves a two course brunch…. three if you count the delightful shot of Smarties that came with our cappuccino.

A brunch board for “starters” (to share, of course) came complete with smashed avocado, beetroot, grilled feta, salmon and scrambled eggs, garlic mushrooms, seeds and cold pressed juice and served as a picky tapas-esque feast. Keep your bangers and your black pudding, this is brekkie done the classy way and despite only being the first course, was pretty filling and a bargain at just over £15 for the three of us.

Speaking of the main course, I love a good combo menu offer (always up for saving money) and All Bar One is no stranger to their offers. Their breakfast offer for example means that you can sip on a hot drink of your choice AND enjoy a breakfast dish for cheaper than one of their main breakfast dishes. Well advertised by the servers? Not really. Excellent value for money? Betcha bottom dollar.

I ordered my usual, eggs-benedict-with-lots-of-hollaindaise-sauce-please and I’m happy to report that the poached eggs were cooked to perfect and muffins were lightly grilled but still soft. For £6.50 including the aforementioned frothy cappuccino to warm me up from the cold weather and serving of Smarties, you’d be hard pushed to get a cheaper or more delicious deal elsewhere.

If Eggs Benny is a little run of the mill for you, you breakfast daredevil, the menu boasts Huevos Rancheros, Mexican style served in a tortilla with extra hot sauce or the less than 400 calorie Protein Power Up which promises to start your day with a zesty dose of grapefruit, salmon and radish. IMO, a little light on the creamy hollandaise goodness but if you are a conscious AM orderer, it’s good to know the guys at All Bar One have your health kick in mind.

I already have my eye on heading back to All Bar One Chester for brunch in a couple of weeks, purely for the brunch board (that feta and beetroot, mmmm) AND because coming in at £35 for the three of us, it’s extremely reasonable and doesn’t come with a side serving of grease spoon cafe culture.