BEAUTY || Maxfactor – FaceFinity All Day Flawless: Review

Another day, another foundation release.

When I read the claims on bottles of foundation, or rather more so the BB creams and such like that are released, the amount of things they claim to do is incredible. Conceal, smooth, blur, minimize pores, do your ironing… there’s no wonder that when we use them and we don’t immediately resemble Rosie Huntington Whitley that we’re disheartened. Which is why I have a whole drawer full of foundations that I thought would be the answer to all my questions and, well, weren’t.

The latest foundation release that caught my eye was the new Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. I’ve bleated all over Twitter and to anyone who’ll listen that the Max Factor Xperience Weightless foundation is my perfect colour match and its an amazing “second skin” base. With that in mind, I was really excited to try their newest offering.

What do Max Factor say?

Max Factor All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation for women who want their foundation to easily deliver a long-lasting professional finish. The intelligent formula has three elements; Primer to hold, Concealer to correct, Foundation to finish

Does it do what it says it will do?

In a nutshell, yes. When it comes to foundation, I’m pretty hard to please, I need coverage, staying power and a colour pale enough to match my snowman skin (i.e see through) I picked up Warm Almond which is only slightly too dark for my new winter skintone, but my local Superdrug didn’t have Light Ivory and I was desperate to try it, so I made do. It covered any redness/blemishes I had, and all I had to do was apply a touch of the L’Oreal Lumimagique Concealer under my eyes to bring a bit of brightness to my dark circles. I was concerned that because it didn’t advertise a matte finish, I’d have the same issues as I’m used to with other foundations – the dreaded oiliness throughout the day.

Its now, almost 10pm , I applied my current face of makeup at 8am, I’ve done a full day at work and I’ve powdered my nose once. ONE TIME. When using foundations such as the Bourjois Healthy Mix, despite LOVING the finish I have to powder/blot every couple of hours AT LEAST. My skin does actually look “flawless”, its kept the shine at bay, and I’m convinced that in Light Ivory this will be the perfect shade for me.

I’ve been using Revlon Colorstay for the last week which is my Holy Grail foundation for staying power/colour/higher coverage, but can safely say that I’ll be reaching for this Maxfactor one for the forseeable future.

One foundation release that’s actually worth the hype.

(apologies for the stock photo, I wanted to get this review up ASAP.)