A Womans Right to Shoes – Barratts Review

Nowadays you can head into Primark/New Look/Topshop and pick up an entire outfit, shoes included – but there’s something a bit more reassuring about going to a “shoe shop” to buy your footwear. It reminds me of Saturday’s spent in Clarks with my mum, having my feet measured and trying on shoes after shoe, doing THAT catwalk strut up and down the shop.

For this reason, I love Barratts shoes. I think you’re guaranteed better bang for your buck when you buy specifically from a shoe retailer, but where some high street “shoe shops” might stock some seriously FUGLY shoes (I’m looking at you Clarkes, soz), Barratts well and truly have their best fashion foot forward. We had a Barratts in Stoke until (like most retailers in Stoke) it shut – Sob, but luckily I have the world wide web to fall back on and more shoes than you can swing a stiletto at.

barratsshoes1 barratsshoes2


When I saw these beauties (which I like to call my Carrie Bradshaw shoes #ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO) it was love at first sight. I figured that free shoes = no guilt shoes. So style overtook comfort/practicallity and over the top, flamboyant, beautiful and skyscraper heels were encouraged.

These babies got their debut at the theatre at the beginning of December, paired with a Little Black Dress, a silver clutch and a slick of 17’s Beehive lipstick, they injected exactly the right pop of colour into a classic and understated look. Despite my apprehension about the super high heel, the hidden platform makes the heel height more manageable and I didn’t slip/trip/fall once and even managed a good old boogie to some 60’s classics. I usually suffer with ye olde “oh my god get these shoes off me they’re crippling me” after a night spent in heels, but these were surprisingly comfy for shoes of such beauty, I usually end up sacrificing a bit of my soul in exchange for prettiness but these lasted right through cocktails, shots, the kebab house and a taxi ride home.

I’m aware that I won’t get a crazy amount of wear out of these, but I believe that every girl should have those few pairs of special shoes, and to quote Ms Bradshaw:

“Sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes.
That’s why we need really special ones now and then
to make the walk a little more fun.”

  • They are Carrie Bradshaw shoes if I’ve ever seen them. PERFECT! x

    • Charlotte

      I need pretty places to wear them!x

  • I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just become your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday. Here are some new ideas