New Look: Silk Rose Clutch

As a self confessed lover of Sex and the City, it will come to no surprise to you that throughout the series and the film, I can usually be found salivating over the contents of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. As well as beginning conversations with “this is like that episode of Sex and the City where… *insert scenario and compare with real life*”, I’ve been known to be window shopping when I’ve gushed…

“that is so Carrie Bradshaw”

– this usually happens over a clothing item that is perhaps a little eccentric, FUGLY and/or not something I would usually buy or wouldn’t know what to wear it with.

This is what happened when I spotted this little number.



I wouldn’t normally buy something like this. When it comes to clutch bags I’m pretty anal and usually buy something I can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe – gold, silver, black, tan – you know the drill. One colour fits all.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to buy it, even if I didn’t have something to wear it with. I love the rose pattern, the colours, the silky fabric, the gold chain… it’s one of those items that I’ll fall in love with, look at longingly when planning a new outfit but then decide that it doesn’t look right and hang it back in my wardrobe.

I picked this up in the pre-Christmas sale in New Look for £6.50, I just need to find a) something to wear it with and b) somewhere to wear it.