Kiss-proof Your Lips – Loving Him Was Red

Synonymous with the hearts and flowers on Valentines, one of the signature images you’d associate would be this..
(yes they really are my lips)

Whether you’re off on a Valentines date with a new guy, out with your a long term boyfriend for a romantic evening, dancing up a storm with your girlfriends (and doing your best not to vom over all the hearts and flowers) or spending the night alone with a glassbottle2 bottles of wine, make sure your lips are ready for any impromptu smooches.

Prep the Pout
Never underestimate the power of a lip scrub. Not only will it descrub your lips of any dull and flakey looking dead skin, it will get the blood pumping to add an instant natural pinky pout to your lips. To follow this, the application of a hydrating lip balm will keep your newly buffed pout moisturised and plump (think Scarlett Johansson)

I’ve been carrying this Akumati Lip Balm made from Organic Honey & Chamomile with me for the last month as its an absolute life saver for the cold weather. I apply at night before bed, in the morning before make up and top up throughout the day (you shouldn’t neglect your lips)

Line those Lips
Once your lips are buffed within an inch of their life, this will give a perfect base to apply lipstick. As you may well know, I’m in love with a red lip and have built a small armoury of ruby coloured lipsticks and glosses in varying shades and finishes – because a girl can never have enough red lipstick, right? My favourite tip when applying red lipstick for both colour intensity and staying power is to use a red lip liner (I use the MUA lipliner in Brooding Plum for a £1.00) to line and then colour in the lips completely. This a) creates the perfect shape for your lips b) stops your lipstick from bleeding (not fit) and c) makes the lipstick that you apply on top stick.

Get Lippy
I apply the lipstick either with a lip brush or straight from the bullet, do that rubbing lip movement that I think women are pulled aside and made to practise before they can even talk, BLOT the lipstick and then reapply (repeating that lip movement) This gives the lipstick another base along with the liner for the colour to stick to and will hopefully prevent it fading out to give that “I just ate spaghetti bolognese” line.
I’ve been coveting 2 lipsticks from Oriflame from the new Demi Moore range. Hollywood Red and Coral Red are the opposite ends of the red lip spectrum. Coral Red is a really fresh pinky red shade (I have a feeling this will be my go to colour in spring) and Hollywood Red is a much more classic red shade. I usually favour a matte finish in a red lipstick, I think they’re easier to wear and less likely to smudge but these lipsticks are a turning point for me. They’e quite glossy looking with the colour being buildable dependent on how dramatic a red lip you want (I like to go all out).

Happy Kissing xoxo