5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom For Winter

I’ve been guilty in the past of treating my bedroom like a bit of a dumping ground. I’ve had up, until recently, what you’d call a floordrobe (and a chairdrobe, whoops).  A tidy bedroom = a tidy mind and as such I made it my mission to zen my bedroom and make it more of a relaxing place to switch it off.  We want our bedrooms to be a space where we can escape from the rest of the world, close the curtains and completely switch off to read, listen to music watch our favourite TV shows or y’know, sleep.

I wanted to talk you through the 5 ways I’ve upgraded by bedroom to make it a more inviting and cosy space.

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre.”


In winter months the early nights give way to dark mornings and you could be forgiven for thinking that you spend your life in a circle of neverending darkness and drizzling rain.

I’ve struggled with the change in seasons finding myself unable to wake up naturally in the morning without a stream of light flooding the room and rousing me from my nocturnal state. Instead I’m torn from the comforting depths of a deep sleep by the obtrusive blare of my iPhone alarm that is subsequently is snoozed no less than 5 times.

I’ve introduced a light up alarm clock into my morning routine in the hopes that the introduction of light 30 minutes before waking up will rouse my senses naturally to avoid the excessive use of the snooze button and my spending the rest of the day playing catch up in a zombified state.


On a cold winters evening the idea of climbing into a bed of cold sheets, no matter how inviting in theory, leaves me reaching for bed socks and a nice flanneled pair of PJs.

It may only take a few minutes before my body heat warms the bed but when your body touches the cool of the sheets, it can feel like an eternity. Enter my “grown up Christmas present of 2016”: an electric blanket. With the flick of a switch I can turn my bed from baltic conditions of Narnia to a warm fuzzy paradise that is an infinitely more enticing prospect. The temperature can be controlled via a small control and as opposed to the targeted heat of a hot water bottle, the blanket covers the entirity of the bed meaning that not only do I appreciate the snuggliness of the warmth, the dogs do too.

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains.”


We all know that the feeling of climbing into a freshly washed and made bed is unrivalled, as is the memorable October day when you switch out your lightweight summer duvet and pillows for the luxury feeling of a higher tog and a throw makes it onto the bottom of the bed for those “really cold nights”. . I think realising that investing in quality bedding (this silver set was from Julian Charles) to ensure maximum snugliness night after nights comes as part of the “How to Adult Correctly” starter pack and as such I’ve become the kind of person who prefers to spend a little extra on duvet sets and egyptian count sheets to avoid them becoming threadbare after only a couple of washes. A tactile contrast of textures and neutral shades add warmth and depth to any space so I’ve been mixing fur, cotton and sequin throw cushions for a bed that looks nest like


There’s nothing more comforting than the flicker of a candle against the backdrop of a bedroom, a soft glow casting shadows and filling the room.  Why is it that we love candles so much? Its something we’re instinctively drawn to like the comfort of a soft jumper or mug of warm cocoa when the weather gets cold.  I’ll wrinkle my nose at forking out an extra couple of quid on my weekly shop but I’m more than happy to spend £20 on a candle which is the literal equivalent of burning money.

It’s not just the light of a candle that I depend on these days to create am ambience in my bedroom, I’ve also fallen victim to the fairy light craze and a winter night cuddled up in my dressing gown with my nose in a book just isn’t complete without the glow of cool and warm toned lights above my headboard. String lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are readily available at the likes of Primark, Next and ASOS to adorn your space with twinkling lights.


With scent playing such an important part in creating a feeling of homeliness and my unashamed obsession with having a delicious smelling home, I recently took the jump from using Yankee tarts with a burner to Scentsy, which uses decorative warmers to gently heat the wax and scent your room. My absolute favourite fragrance to warm in my bedroom without fail is Jammy Time which is actually included in the children’s line of fragrances. Jammy Time is light and floral with a heart of relaxing lavender and notes of baby freesia and sweet pea which is ideal for sending me off into a sleepy slumber.