The Essentials to Make Your Flight Comfortable AF

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail and when you have a few hours up in the air and you find yourself surrounded by your fellow humans, screaming babies, an air supply that literally sucks every last drop of moisture out of your being, and what feels like forever before your land, boarding a plane with essentials is just that, essential.

Whether I’m travelling with checked luggage or hand luggage only, I like to ensure I have a few choice items to make my flight as comfortable in the hopes that I won’t spend the journey clock watching before we’ve even reached our goal altitude and the refreshment cart hasn’t even done it’s first lap. Of course, an over priced gin miniature and tiny tonic goes a long way towards making me feel more comfortable.

I split my must haves down into three categories (beauty, clothing, tech) and either pack them into an easily accessible handbag that will fit under the seat in front of me, meaning I don’t have to disturb the entire row by rummaging around in the overhead lockers OR I’ll pack the essentials into an oversized make up bag or clutch that I can easily slip in and out of my cabin baggage once boarded. A shopper style tote bag gives ample room for everything I need and even means I can pick up a couple of bottles of water on duty free (and the rest, right?)

In Flight Beauty Essentials

For me, staying hydrated and refreshed during a flight is a must have. With air conditioning being well known for drying out skin, I’m all about reinjecting any moisture lost and making my skin look hydrated and plump so I feel fabulous rather than flat when I step off the plane in a new country. I try not to wear make up when travelling as I find the change in climates reduces it to a sliding sweaty mess,  but if I do this is the one time time I’ll reach for a pack of face wipes to cleanse my skin entirely (they also come in handy for wiping down any dirty tray tables and keeping your hands clean throughout the duration of the flight).

A mask that soaks in to leave skin plump and soft such as the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is ideal or for a no mess treat for your face and means you can let it do its thang but sheet masks are equally as handy as they can be easily applied and binned once used. Under eye gel patches work wonders for tired and dry eyes and are great to whack on for half an hour before you’re due to land to give your puffy eyes some love.  Yep, you may be subject to a few strange glances from passengers but who’ll be the one rocking “I woke up like dis” eyes?  If you’re not feeling brave enough to go full sheet mask, applying your favourite night serum will go a long way to keeping your skin hydrated.

A good lip balm is a MUST and I’m always smothering my lips in some new wonder product or another to keep them from cracking and provide the perfect base for lipstick. I love the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm for travelling. It’s transparent finish means its a multi use product and is just as good as a sheer lip product as it is a cuticle softener, dry skin treatment or even to treat nappy rash.

On Board Comfort Clothes

Comfort doesn’t have to mean unstylish and as much as many people wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you were to wear your PJ’s for the duration of the flight, travelling to and from the airport to resort whether it a city break or beach holiday. Planes can get particularly stuff or chilly due to the aircon, so layering is just as important as wearing something that isn’t restrictive for the amount of time you’re going to be sat down. Culottes are comfortable and on trend at the moment worn with a lightweight tshirts and trainers and can even be dressed up after arrival in resort if you’re pushed for time by throwing on some accessories and heels. Leggings are a failsafe second skin option which are uber comfortable and can be worn with a tee shirt or oversized sweatshirt like this greyscale Manhattan sweater from Yours Clothing.

I always make sure I pack an oversized scarf which can serve as a blanket if it gets particularly chilly or folded up to form a makeshift pillow. Saving space in your suitcase especially if you’re travelling with hand luggage may mean that you’re tactically wearing all of your heaviest or bulkiest items to the airport to save room and money. Pack a pair of slipper socks (or even slippers if you wanna go the whole hog) to change into as footwear can become snug and uncomfortable as your feet swell due to high altitudes. If you do find you’re a sweller (sounds horny) make sure you pick up some flight socks to avoid issues like DVT.  Just don’t be one of those people who goes barefoot on a plane.

Before I forget, I’m a big fan of a sleep mask  for when I’m planning to catch forty winks but the cabin is a little bright for my liking. I find it difficult to fall asleep when it’s light and find myself reaching for this even at home so I make sure I pack one when I travel.  This personalised pink one was a gift from Benefit a few years back and is my favourite out of any I’ve owned.  It’s super soft and made from silk and is so comfortable to wear.

Mile High Entertainment

I find the best way to pass the timewhen thousands of feet up in the air (sorry for those of you no au fait with heights) is to keep myself entertained and my brain engaged. With no wifi on most flights, it’s the ideal time for me to switch off from social media and constantly refreshing my Twitter/Facebook and Snapchat. I always make sure my Kindle has a couple of books available to read (at the minute I’m really into Tess Gerritsen) or I pre load my iPad with any series/films I want to catch up on.  editing photos, writing posts etc is also a great way to pass the time if you just can’t switch off.

It’s amazing how quickly two hours can go by when you’re absorbed in a good film or book and it’s a handy distraction if you’re not the best with flying.  Headphones are a must have for me and are my public transport NEED TO HAVE.  Even if I’m not watching a film or listening to music, I find they help to muffle out the sound of the aeroplane (and fellow passengers) which is a godsend especially if you want to catch some shut eye.  It’s also a clever trick if you’re travelling solo and don’t want to make conversation with the person next to you.

Make sure you purchase and download any films/books or playlists whilst you still have a wifi connection as there’s nothing worse than realising once your device is switched on that the items haven’t downloaded – I speak from experience.

Grab yourself a USB charger to guarantee some extra juice just in case you need as well as any charger cables (remember to charge your power pack!).  This will also come in handy when you’ve reached your destination as its always a good idea to have a full battery when you’re in an unfamiliar country.