5 Items You Should Try From Bomb Cosmetics

I’m a definite advocate that a long soak in a beautiful smelling bubble bath can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. After a long week or just one of those days, I really do think that there’s nothing better than running a nice hot bath, lighting a scented candle or two and giving yourself half an hour to close off from the outside world. For my day to day bubble baths I’ll apply a generous glug of The Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak or Radox “Feel Blissful” Herbal Bath Soak (I can’t get enough of the calendula and rose scent), but when I really mean business I like to dip into my hamper of bath bombs and melts for a truly indulgent hour.

When I really mean business I like to dip into my hamper of bath bombs and melts for a truly indulgent hour.

I’m admittedly a sucker for all things Lush.  I’ve got a basket full of goodies that I’ve bulk bought that keep my bathroom smelling delicious and are close at hand for those evenings when a a bog standard bubble bath just doesn’t cut it.

Following the annual Boxing Day sale meltdown on the Lush website, I bowed out in favour of the less in demand but no less quality sale on the Bomb Cosmetics website.

If you’ve not heard of Bomb Cosmetics before, you’ll find them stocked online, in independent kitsh cosmetic or home furnishing stores and even on the motorway services (I kid you not!).  They don’t test on animals, are vegan friendly, completely handmade and unlock the power of essential oils to soothe, change or enhance your mood.

I’ve been back to restock a couple of times since the sale and when I discovered that my local stockist, Bliss at intu Potteries will help you to pick out your favourite pieces and box up a selection of goodies as a gift or y’know, as a gift to yourself, I wanted to share some of my favourite bits.

1. Bath Blasters

Bath Blasters are your Bomb Cosmetics versions of the bath bomb.  They’re pressed, rolled, dipped, sprinkled and piped by hand and they come in what seems like a billion different styles and scents as well as being super cute to look at.  Whether you’re looking for floral, sweet or zesty, there’s bound to be a scent to tickle your nostrils and lets be honest, is there anything more fun than watching a bomb fizz away and turning your bath water fun colours?  A few of them do have incorporate glitter which I’m not the biggest fan of because the glitter gets bloody everywhere (and I don’t want to look like a disco ball for work) but there’s plenty that are glitter-less.

2. Bath Melts

For the nights when I want something a little more nourishing and give my skin some TLC, I love to use bath melts,  They’re packed with cocoa and shea butters and essential oils and melt into your bath water to condition the skin.  I also find they’re the PERFECT product for when you want to shave your legs because your legs are left smooth as a Phil Mitchell’s glorious head.  It can leave your bath a little bit gross when you empty it because the hair tends to cling to the oily film but it’s nothing that a quick swish around with the shower head can’t save.

3. Handmade Soap Slices

I’m usually an Imperial Leather kinda gal when it comes to soap but the Bomb Cosmetics soap slices not only add a little bit of colour to your bath or sink side (because they’re so frigging beautiful) but they also smell UHMAZING.  I use them to wash my hands, give myself a good soap up all over with a bath mit and the and I know I mentioned it before BUT to shave my legs (and other areas).  There’s a mix of scents and I especially love the more creamy scented Chock-a-Block which smells good enough to eat and the beautifully colourful Caiperina which smells just like summer.  You get a pretty hefty slice for £2.99 as well so they last forever, well, a long ass time.

4. Tinned Candles

Hands up who doesn’t love scattering their bathrooms with beautiful scented candles when they’re soaking in the tub?  I clear the sides of the bath off, tie up my shower curtain (because I’ve LITERALLY been burned by that before) and light two or three candles and turn off the lights.  I’ve recently been burning the beautiful Grapefruit Nectarine “Wake Up Fruity” tinned candle and it smells so juicy and fresh that I’ve even just left it burning in the bathroom when I’m not in there.  The burn time is appx 35 hours and the cute tins make them ideal as a gift either with a few of the bath time goodies or a couple of different tins.

5. Facial Care

I tend to have my favourite hot cloth cleaners to remove a full face of make up at the end of the day but for morning of afternoon baths (which I LOVE because it feels kind of decadent to be in the bath when the sun is shining) but this fresh peach and jojoba invigorating gel face wash wakes up my skin and leaves it feeling peachy clean and ready for a face of make up.  As well as face wash, Bomb Cosmetics do a range of face scrubs and my beloved, a face mask.  There’s not as big a range as *whispers* Lush and I do still love the Oatifix mask, but the French Kiss a clay based face mask that helps to deeply cleanse and nourish skin.

Have you tried any bits from Bomb Cosmetics & if so, what are your favourites?