4 Destinations I’ll Be Visiting in 2017

I’m on what you’d call “a spending ban” at the minute, which is where I tell people that I’m not going to go shopping or spend money frivolously because I need to save my money and then do it online away from the prying eyes of well intention friends.

The reason for the spending ban? I’ve promised a lot of my hard earned cash to Ryanair, Jet2, EasyJet and Booking.com. That’s right, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of travel as and when I can afford and to the constraints of my holiday allowance at work.

I currently have four European breaks pencilled into my 2017 diary and and am tempted almost daily by too-affordable-to-turn-down flights to book my 5th.

Cala D’or, Majorca

I turn 30 at the beginning of May and decided that, after having never been out of the country for my birthday, my 30th was the perfect time to do it in style and celebrate with a cocktail by the sea, some sun and serious relaxation.  I didn’t want to fly too far as we’re only away for 5 nights (flying the day before my birthday) and after having visiting Cala D’or previously and falling in love with its hidden pine fringed coves, beautifully clear water and laid back feel, we found a deal that was too good not to book.

Cala D’or is a beach resort on the southeast coast of Majorca and although it is quite a cosmopolitan little town with plenty of places to enjoy paella and sangria (by the jug), it isn’t over run or a wild party town.  My favourite place in Cala D’or is its yacht marina which the ideal spot for some lunch after a stroll in the day or is beautifully lit up at night where you can enjoy different cuisines at the many restaurants that line it.

We’re staying at Inturotel Cala Azul Garden which is ideally located just 150m from the nearest beach and has a beautiful lagoon pool but if laying by the beach all day isn’t for you (I’m really pale so I tend to favour the shade), we’ll be heading to the famous market of Sineu in the center of the island to take in the more bustling pace of life and explore Formentor peninsula.


My 7th trip to La Serenissima (the medieval name for Venice) was a mid afternoon impulsive booking after falling for one of Ryanair’s well timed sale emails.  I’m sure that Ryanair prey on unsuspecting victims when they’re experiencing the most wanderlust: a Tuesday afternoon in February when the rain is coming down heavy outside and you’re at work.

It’s pretty well documented that I adore Venice.  Some bloggers love Disney World and head back time after time.  Venice is my Disney World, hence the 7th trip.  When people ask why I return to Venice year on year I ask “why not?”  The thing for me is that the beauty of Venice never gets old. I’m still in awe of the stunning city and find that on every visit I’ve discovered a new corner to sit in wonderment, a new cicchetti bar to try or somewhere off the beaten calle to see the real hidden Venice.  Venice in the spring is beautiful.

The mornings are crisp and bright, the sun reflects off the water of the canals to highlight the beautiful architecture and its *just* warm enough to indulge in a scoop or two of the cities infamous gelato.

I’ve written before about my top tips to travel to Venice on a budget and one of my definite recommendations is checking out budget airlines and flying our of peak season.

Algarve, Portugal

Although tempted to return to Greece (again) this year for what you’d call our “proper” summer holiday, mainly due to my love of feta cheese and olives, and after vetoing Benidorm, Turkey and Bulgaria we eventually decided to head to the Algarve in early September.

Situated in southern Portugal and popular as a European get away destination for Brits since the 60s, the Algarve is home to breathtaking cliffs, scalloped bays with expansive sandy beaches and welcoming locals for some inexpensive vitamin D.  Why September?  Hello term time, less crowded swimming pools and a drop in prices for flights AND accommodation.



I’ve not booked it yet (hello next payday) but after losing myself in the guides and must see recommendations on Tereza’s blog, my winter will certainly include a  visit to the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague. Wrapped in chunky knits and exploring the heart of its historic core and colourful baroque buildings as well as indulging in some traditional Czech food sounds like the ideal way to spend my November and a great way to squeeze in a holiday before Christmas.

This post is written in collaboration with Liverpool Airport.  Keep an eye on my travel section for an insight into my travels.