10 Couples Who Have Already Split in 2015

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10 Couples Who Have Already Split in 2015
Feck My Life.


Without overly ranting, the last couple of weeks have been an absolute hell. I woke up to the news that the server where Ginger Girl Says and all of my commercial design work/websites for customers had been wiped by the host company and that a whole years worth of work had been deleted and is unrecoverable.

Sound like a bloggers idea of hell?

Welcome to my world.

After being persuaded not to throw myself out of the window/stab myself in the neck with a biro/smash up my laptop - I chose to drink copious amounts of tea and eat a few a whole packet of chocolate digestives and after moping around for two weeks I've had to just accept that all my hard work has been pissed down the drain because of other peoples fuck ups.

WHICH MEANS, that I am having to start my blog again from scratch - which is an absolute nightmare and a mammothly daunting task....I actually want to smash the computer up writing this because it's so god damn frustrating, BUT I've swapped the tea for wine and I aren't feeling as murderous/depressed *sigh* so I'm going to try and rewrite everything.

Please bear with me and head on over to my Twitter page and send lipsticks and sympathy...


Onwards and upwards.

10 Couples Who Have Already Split in 2015


I think that during the creation of "Charl" when I was in line for looks/personality/ability to talk absolute b0llocks, I must have got confused somewhat and stood in the latter line twice, because it appears that I ended up with a double dose of sentimentality and brain vomit.

I've been known to send the occasional email/text which in short could be taken straight from a Dawons Creek script, a completely over emotionalised and strung out declaration of love/heartbreak/reminiscing - whatevs.

I sent a mammoth of a message this morning to a friend who's currently going through a horrendous breakup and I kind of wish that somebody had said these things to me when I'd been going through the same kind of thing. I think as human beings we're all able to give out advice that we ourselves should listen to. This also remind me a little of something I may have written in a ye olde "A Letter to my 16 Year Old Self".

"Men generally get screwed over by girls because they tend to go after the girls who guys wish they were with, the types who love themselves way more than they will ever love another person. And then they act surprised that they get sh!t on. Men and women are very much the same, we always want what isn't "good for us" leaving the good girls and the good guys on the self. When you've been hurt and had our hearts toyed with its so easy to shut yourself off and be burned by a bad experience and feel that "you gotta act like a d!ck and an arrogant sh!t" to not get messed around by girls, but thats a) not true and b) not a healthy way to be. You can't let the person that you've been with or who's hurt you define YOU as a person, they're not worth that and if you let them then ultimately they've won. I know you loved her, and yeah you may have "been young" but what does age have to do with anything? At the end of the day it doesnt matter how young or old you are, when it boils down to it love is love, and you are the only one who knows how you felt then and how you feel now - who are other people to tell you what love is or to tell you that what you felt wasnt real? She was your first love, and that first real love, the one that makes your head spin and makes you feel like you can do anything, "Real love, ridiculous, consuming, can't-live-without-eachother" love is utterly absorbing and I won't sugar coat it... you might never get over her. Part of you will might always love her and you might always splinter into a thousand pieces when you see he. Thats just a testament to how you felt about her. You can't try and block out being heartbroken, f!cking hell it sucks - you need to embrace it rather than run from it, running from it is just like trying to fix a gunshot wound with a plaster. It does get easier though. Look around, and almost every single person has gone through what you're going through now and gotten through it. What you need to remember tho is that that breathlessness feeling you get when you see that person, or the fact that your knees buckle everytime you hear a song that reminds you of them, this all just points back to the fact that you can't be that d!ckhead that shes made you feel like you WANT to be, because basically - you my friend are better than that and you're better than her. So much better. Go and listen to some Adele or something and cry like a b!tch. It'll help - trust me."

10 Couples Who Have Already Split in 2015

Source: Speaking of men and geeks... I appear to have developed abit of an uhm... thing for men + the theatre + geeks + music = HAPPY CHARL. This was ignited by a trip to le theatre to see "Uncle Erics Hard Days Night"  and a particular case of tight trousers + geek glasses + musical instruments (not in an American Pie kind of way!) and this handsome chap. Red flag to a bull doesn't cover it #notevenashamed If you live in Stoke, I recommend checking it out and if you dont live in Stoke I recommend hopping into a car and driving from wherever to see  It may on at first appear to be an old lady kind of thing, but fear not - if you don't go for the comedy and the music (both of which made me LOL longtime and perhaps dance. Don't tell anyone) then go for the men/geeks/guitars/drums and thank me later. If I had pictures of said hot guys, I'd be so posting them here for you to salivate over ________ but instead you'll have to go and see them for yourselves or Twitter stalk/salivate over them and thank me later. <a href="http://www.newvictheatre.org.uk/david-graham-eric-in-wonderland" target="new">Click here to see the only hot men that will be in Stoke. EVER.</a>

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